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Company Profile

The company was started on December 20, 2003 through the financial assistance of the Department of Science and Technology – Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI). The project was mandated to become a channel of technology application through training and the usual services offered of an Internet Center.


Five years later, upon renewal of its business name registration, the name was changed to GOSY SALES AND SERVICE CENTER. By that time, the company is engaged in selling computers, laptops, software and all computer parts and accessories.

In early 2010, the company offered e-loading and bills payment as Value-Added-Services to its local client only. After 7 years, the company decided to offer it online to cater nationwide market.

By January of 2017, the company started to develop a software and later named it Bilmoco. On August 8, 2018, the company pre-launch its beta version of web based software. This software offers online bills payment, e-loading and online shopping. The company is continue developing the system that can be used at mobile devices such as Android and Apple OS.